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In 1992 when I first moved to the beautiful Pocono Mountains from Northeastern NJ, I took a course offered by Monroe County Vo-Tech continuing education in Stained Glass.  What started out as a hobby quickly became a passion.   The class offered, was an introduction to stained glass, teaching basic technique using a simple sun catcher.  After I completed the class and the sun catcher, I realized I wasn’t satisfied with just knowing the basics, so my next project was a 3,000 piece wisteria lamp shade, which took me all my free time for many months, but I was hooked.

My art allows me to invoke images that I see around me or in my mind and craft those images into works of beauty with glass. I start with a concept; put it down on paper as a pencil drawing, and then I figure out how to best transform that drawing into stained glass while overcoming the many challenges that using the medium of glass create.

I always stride to make my pieces, works of art, rather than “arts & crafts”.  Every piece I have made starting with that first lamp shade is all originally designed by me.  I try and master the beauty that I see in the great paintings by the “masters”. Much of my inspiration comes from Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Da Vinci. I am inspired by their boldness and realism and so I incorporate those qualities into my work. I love transforming my idea’s from thoughts to paper and ultimately to glass.

In May of 2007 I entered my first completion, a juried show sponsored by the Pocono Arts Council.  I placed third.  In November of 2007 I entered the Pocono Mountain Fine Art and Craft show, sponsored by the Pocono Mountain Arts Council and one of my four pieces was acknowledged with an awarded of Merit. In 2009, another of my pieces was recognized with an award. For the month of April, 2010 I was selected as Showcase Winner for Artslant, an international art network.   My pieces have appeared on Television and numerous newspaper and magazine articles

I currently am a resident artist and gallery director of Abbey Hill Gallery 225 Porter St Easton PA; my work in on permanent exhibit at Abbey Hill. My online portfolio can be viewed at




2005  Featured Artist on WVIA TV

2006  Exhibits at Designers Craft Galleries – Stroudsburg, PA

2007  Third Place Award Recipient (Red Horizon, Category “3D”) – Pocono Arts Council

2007  Featured Artist on front page of “Pocono Record Weekend” (May 4, 2007 edition)

2007  Monroe County Library Exhibit (Months of June & July)

2007  Exhibit at The Inn at Pocono Manor (November 22 – 25th)

Artist piece selected to appear on cover of advertising mailer to represent Pocono Manor Fine Art & Fine Craft Show

2007  Award Recipient (Masquerade Couple) – Pocono Manor Fine Art & Fine craft Show

2008  Feature artist on The Journal of the Pocono Plateau (Artist of the month March 20, 2008 volume 12, number 44)

2008  Feature artist on The Journal of the Pocono Plateau (Artist of the week March 27, 2008 volume 12, number 45)

2008  Feature guest artist for the month of April. At Art Space Stroudsburg, PA

2008  Feature artist on front page of “Pocono Record Weekend” (April 4, 2008 edition)

2008  Exhibit artist of the month August 1-31 at Sanofi Pasteur, Swiftwater, PA

2008  Fine Arts and Craft members show September 1-30 at North Hampton Community College, Tannersville, PA

2009  Exhibit Sanofi Pasture Meet and Greet

2009 Second Place Award Recipient (Amor eterno Category “3D“ ) – Pocono Arts Council

2011   First Place Award Recipient Hunter. Category Fine Arts & Fine Crafts. Pocono Arts Council

2011   Monroe County Public Library Gallery Exhibit months (June – July 2011)

Artist pieces appear in various homes of private collectors

2011  Present guest artist at Ward-Nasse Gallery 178 Prince St. NYC, NY 10012

2012  Second Place Award Recipient. My little apprentice. Category Fine Arts & Fine Crafts.

2012  Guest artist at Artery Fine Art & Fine Craft Gallery Milford, PA

2013  First Place Award Recipient. Proud peacock. Category Fine Arts & Fine Crafts.

2014  Third Place Award Recipient. Shame on me. Category Fine Arts & Fine Crafts.


Resident artist and Art Director at Abbey Hill Gallery 225 Porter ST.  Easton, PA. 18042 (entrance on High St.)

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