Although Joanne works in variety of media, painting with watercolor has always been a search that has allowed her to explore the formal visual elements, as well as her personal
feelings, through an intuitive, spontaneous process. A gradual shift in focus and desire over the past few years has brought her into the realm of minimal abstract expressionism. Unlike traditional realism, where the subject of a painting is composed and executed with likeness and detail, this new direction offers the freedom of pure expression, unbridled by any outside influences except of course, by my natural world setting and limitless imagination. This approach involves the exploration of incorporating unconventional solutions combined with traditional art materials. Not only has this been a liberating experience, but an inspiration to continue with this newly found method of art, life and freedom.
2. J_AMANTEA_SandbarII4. J_AMANTEA_In Between3. J_AMANTEA_Tied Up