Artist Statement

Art is the externalization of human’s mental activity. The fragmentation of contemporary societal unconsciousness directly results in the lack of understandability in contemporary art. Art has evolved to such an advanced level of conceptualization that it has been taken for granted that contemporary art is not as explicit as it was 100 years ago. However, Conceptual art is not by default equivalent to non-understandable. The aim of conceptual art is to convey the artists’ concept. To whom this concept is to be conveyed? If the artist’s purpose of creating this piece of art is not just to record his own thoughts as writing a diary, he will need to present his concept to other individuals who are viewing, deliberately or by accident, his works. Hence it is very important to make his work understandable and communicable. If no one in the specific crowd he aims at gets his idea, no matter how great he thinks his work is, he fails the operation. I hence am seeking for an ultimate art form which is able to deliver the most conceptualized messages in the most explicit way.

For this purpose, I am developing a visual vocabulary to encourage the viewers’ engagement into my painting. In my paintings I explore the integration of the physical plane of painting and virtual space created by the artist. The painterly language is to demonstrate the triple properties of a painting’s dimension: the space behind the pictorial plane, the physical existence of the painting surface per se, and the space in front of the pictorial surface, where the viewers are embodied. The painting is no longer an untouchable virtual window on the wall. It has been conceptually transformed into a frozen clip of a performance art (instead of traditional figurative art) or an installation art (instead of traditional still life painting). By doing this, I am trying to reveal the union and discrepancy between the time  and timelessness, as well as the space and spacelessness.



January 08-Present  Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Visual Arts


Solo Exhibitions

Nov. 09 New BFA Corridor, Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ


Group Exhibitions

Oct. 09  BFA Open, Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ
Dec. 09 Brodsky Center Annual Exhibition, Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ


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