Artist Statement

Being in a foreign place comes with starting anew. I can afford to let go of my phone, my internet, my responsibilities. I begin to use my senses to guide me, to move me through a new space and endless possibilities. I don’t enter a journey but picking an itinerary. I let the itinerary pick me, choose my destiny. And those are the moments in my life where I have been most at liberty. The moments that have made me thank god for the earth and the five senses I was given to be able to experience it. 

And this is where my camera comes in. What I like best about photography is having the ability to hold
on to something personal, and being able to share it with others. I love to travel and it’s important to me to share my passion with others. I photograph with a simple point-and-shoot I bought my second year of college. It’s light and handy for that moment which I run into every so often, and would like to capture beyond my five senses.

My subjects tend to be objects you don’t see in every day settings. I am most attracted to that which surprises me. The more bizarre the vision, the better. I edit my photos on my computer usually by sharpening the image and deepening the color. I’m attracted to bright color and tend to heighten it in my photographs almost to the point where the subject appears illusory.

This particular piece I did on a trip with my mother to South Korea where she grew up. She wanted me to understand her culture and her world. I learn from that trip important things about my family and my traditions. When people see my work, I’d like them to imagine that they have been momentarily
transported into that photograph. That they are not only looking at my work but they are living my work, that they are hearing, smelling, and tasting all of which was happening at that very moment. And from that, take something which inspires a new, future adventure for them.


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