Jane Zamost attended art school in England and studied at Rutgers University where she received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Since then Zamost has exhibited in various states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, and Oklahoma.

Zamost’s work concentrates on the artist’s emotion, the weather of the day, the moment’s conversation, in other words her work depicts what the artist calls the here and now. Zamost captures the moment, allowing her work to speak in a more fluid, vibrant language. Her artwork is composed of emotions, dreams, and revelations that are translated onto paint, mixed media, or jewelry. Zamost uses figures and text in her work, everyday things that can influence a person’s emotions and thoughts. The artist’s use of color is also very expressive, using lighter, softer colors that gives her work a dreamy quality. Works that incorporate darker colors also feature rougher applications of paint, using sweeping brushstrokes. As opposed to the lighter paintings which have a more delicate application.