Artist Statement 

20160214_081625My work is about passion and sensuality, temptation and beauty but it is also about explosion and control, intention and intuition, reason and spontaneity and the balance between randomness and order. The surface will be a place where patterns, as well as elusive marks, will be playing an important role. The process of creating is very intense and often is impulsive where surprises and mistakes are an essential component.  Wiping, exposing, scratching, smearing as well as creating and destroying are imminent to the process. The history of the piece is very important and adds to the dynamics of the creation and I will be retaining the tracks and events as I work and add layers upon layers.

I am particularly intrigued by the point where figuration and abstraction meet and the way the two languages connect. I try to ask questions about the limitation of the languages. In my recent work I found a new interest in landscape where I will try to use some of my techniques and emotions. Here I will tell a story of time and space. I will also be interested in the unclear and mysterious, the surface and beyond. My work is often mixed media on wood panel. I use collage techniques as well as wax, wires, oil pastels, pencils, charcoal, ink, crayons acrylic and oil paint.