About Hijo Nam


                     2007     Master of Fine Art in Painting at Pratt Institute                   Brooklyn, NY

                     2004     Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting at Pratt Institute                Brooklyn, NY       


                     2011-2014       President of Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation, Inc. New York

                                               Procurator of  the Red Dot Art Fair

                                               A member of  the Korean New York Modern Artists Association, NY

                                               A member of the Contemporary Plastic Artists Association

                                               A member of The Line  & Color  

                                               A member of Seoul Artist Association, Seoul Korea

                     2007 -2008    Art Director of  FGS  Korean Community Center, Englewood, NJ

                     2003-2006     Vice President of  Korean New York Artists Association, NY, New York


Artist Statement

         I use layers of chicken scratch cross-hatching over watercolor to make formal almost static compositions, evoking the oppressive itchiness of a strait jacket.  I combine iconic and absurd images pulled and mashed together from different periods and sides of the tracks to create ironic and satirical compositions; to explain as much as I can the paranoia, fear, pain, loneliness, dizziness, humor and outrage that is the televised, bought, sold, marketed, homogenized, prepackaged, and prefab 12 car pile up that is the American culture at large.  A sensation not unlike being an ant, under God’s magnifying glass, waiting to get burned.  With the increase of media, and genres, the lines between commercial art and “fine” art are becoming blurred and almost negligible.  The only real difference being the audience.  The true validation being intent, as long as you always make the choices and decisions in your work.  Besides it’s not selling out it’s buying in.  Right?



Phone: (347)497-8637

Artist Personal Website: www.hijonam.com, www.hijonamart.com

Email: namhijo@yahoo.com,  hijonamart@gmail.com