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h.e. pabst
(Herbie Pabst)

“My creative spirit manifests itself in many ways. Over the years I have 
enjoyed creating through painting, music, acting, film-making,
woodworking and even beekeeping. A phrase I hear people use is “a
multifaceted creative artist” but I like to just say “I do a lot of
different things”. It’s important to me to let my creative spirit go where it needs to go.

Ideas at first glance come from what is happening around me but when I
sit with them for awhile I realize they come from somewhere else, a place
that is unseen, my outer world triggers something in my inner world and
the idea works its way to the surface. For most of my life I’ve been
compelled to express these ideas.

It is my hope and goal to stay true to my ideas and express my unique
view point regardless which art form I am using. In recent times I’ve
     found a brush to be my primary communicator. Painting is a wonderful
solitary process void of calibration. I invariably find a new piece of me
when I paint.”



Herbie Pabst has been described as a “multifaceted creative artist” for the manifestation of his artwork through painting, music, acting, filmmaking, woodworking, and beekeeping. However, he has recently found his niche in the form of painting.  He is a part of the Studio Montclair, Inc., the Millburn – Short Hills Art Center, West Essex Art Association and exhibited in the juried SMI, Montclair Library “Full Circle” Show.   He fuses his outer and inner worlds in order to express and communicate his unique viewpoint.   


Herbie Pabst-Any Day Now






Solo Shows:
Fairfield Library, Fairfield, NJ Oct. 1, 2013 –Oct. 31, 2013

Shared shows:
Art At 1275 Gallery, Fairfield, NJ Aug. 25, 2013 –Sept. 30, 2013

Group Shows:
SMI,  Montclair Library, Montclair, NJ “Full Circle” show,
             June 4th–28th, 2013 – Juried
MSHAC,  Alfa Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ “A Summer Pavilion” exhibit,
             July 1st–August 15th, 2013 –Juried
SMI,  SMI Gallery at Academy Square, State of the Art 2014,
             January 23rd–April 25th, 2014 –Juried
Art At 1275 Gallery, Fairfield, NJ, Unwrapped III Show,
             February 25th–March 21st, 2014 -Juried

Studio Montclair, Inc.
Millburn –Short Hills Art Center
West Essex Art Association




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