About Hannah Schrenzel

Hannah Schrenzel, a senior at Montclair State University, is a young photographer displaying her work at Alfa Art Gallery for her first exhibition. As a first year student, Schrenzel was placed into analog photography classes, where she learned how to use these unique cameras, and develop and print her own photos. After inheriting many old cameras from her grandfather, who owned his own photography store, she ultimately fell in love with film. However, Schrenzel often uses digital photography in order to capture her own photos that involve colored lights.

New Brunswick Art Salon 2018 – Photography: “A Facility for Photogenia”

Hannah recently placed as an honorable mention at “A Facility for Photogenia,” awarded by Andrew Darlow.

“Pink Soldier” by Hannah Schrenzel


Artist’s Statement

When I was younger I always liked photography. My aunt is an event and studio photographer and gave my older sister a DSLR camera to use. I would constantly steal it in middle school and take pictures of flowers and my dog. The pictures came out somewhat decent for someone who did not know what they were doing. During my first semester of college I was randomly placed in an analog photography class. I learned how to use analog cameras, develop, and print my own photos. I inherited a lot of old cameras from my grandfather; who owned his own photography store. I then fell in love with film. I try to test out as many types of film as I can. I was initially inspired by Richard Mosse to produce my aero chrome slide film, but continued to test out others. I use digital in order to capture my photos that involve colored lights, but I will always prefer film. I want to keep film alive, and inspire others to use it as well.