My current concern lies in the dialogue between abstraction and figuration as I explore and use both to create a seemingly deconstructed balance. Within this moment of networked and layered marks lie forms that are reminiscent of a figure or even of themselves, almost as if they dissolve into each other, while working to create a location/time/space that is not quite identifiable, but relatable. This is to depict an interest in the historical dichotomies of abstraction and figuration, and continuously trying to find resolutions through conflicting harmonies between both. 

The imagery presented combines elements of observed historical art, observed moments, mythologies, the human figure, the mark as a figure, and a balance of intuitive painting/drawing with process-based methodologies, while exploring the self and the behaviors of materials used. The com-positional exploration is currently developing a search to understand the context of metaphysical space on a flat surface and our occupation of and interaction with it.
Wake Up Aria

Gregg Bautista – Wake Up Aria

2016 – BFA Candidate/ Mason Gross School of the Arts,
     New Brunswick, NJ 
     Concentration in Painting, Minor in Art History.
2015 – University Merit Scholarship/ Mason Gross School of
      the Arts 
   – Full Scholarship, Vincent Desiderio Master Class/ New York Academy of Art, NYC, NY
2013-15 – Dean’s List/Mason Gross School of the Arts
2011 – Chairman’s Merit Award/School of Visual Arts, Illustration Department, NYC, NY
Residencies/Special Programs
2015 – Rome Art Program/ Nominee of Mason Gross School of the Arts. Rome, IT
2011-12 – Studio Assistantship/ Bernard Maisner
2015 – Revolution/ Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ
    – The Way Out Is Through/ Mason Gross Project Room, New Brunswick, NJ
    – Summer Grand Salon Show/ The Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 
    – LIPs Inaugural Festival/ Livingston Arts Building, Piscataway, NJ
2014 – City & Myth/ Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ
    – Sweet Tea/ Sally D. Francisco Gallery, Layton, NJ
2012 – 100,000 Poets For Change/ Trinity and the Pope, Asbury Park, NJ *
   – The Setlist: Art of the Local Music Scene/Bands on a Budget, Asbury Park, NJ

New Brunswick Art Salon 2016 Part II Watercolor and Mixed Media Exhibition

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