About Eric Alexander Santoli

Eric Alexander Santoli earned his BFA from the University of Pennsylvania and has used that degree to teach various arts subjects. His goals in his paintings are to convey emotions to his viewer that they would otherwise not have felt. He believes that the art of painting extends beyond trying to accurately recreate what the eyes see. He wants viewers to connect with him as the artist. Eric Alexander enjoys painting en plein air, or in nature. He uses large brushstrokes and thinks layers of paint. In doing this he feels that his viewers will connect with his paintings. They can see his motion and movements long after he has finished the painting. Eric Alexander also has an affinity for portraiture. He holds portrait painting in high regards, stating that “it is the closest thing we have to immortality” giving us a glimpse of those who lived before even long before the invention of the camera.

Artist Statement

              As an artist, I believe my goal is to give my viewers a feeling that they can’t get through any other means.  My goal isn’t to paint copies or mimic photography.  I like painting works that capture a certain feeling and fleeting moments directly from nature.  I love painting en plein air, but I also have an affinity for portraiture (especially animals).  I have a deep love for artists of the 19th century who have inspired me, many of whom painted alla prima.  I like painting thickly and quickly and I want people to view my work in person and see each brushstroke.  I personally love going to museums and seeing artists’ brushstrokes because it feels like I have a direct connection with the moment that they created the painting.  Painting is important because it provides a direct connection with the past; portraiture is especially important because it is the closest thing we have to immortality and to see the human condition prior to photography (1839).  I just love painting and being in the moment and capturing that moment on canvas as best as I can with light and color.


Artist Personal Website:  www.ericsantoli.com