About Enrique Zaldivar

The plight of almost every artist originates from a vast, unconquerable desire for self-expression. Enrique Zaldivar fulfills this desire by incorporating his vibrant, expressionistic works into his lifestyle, living and breathing the very essence of each brushstroke. Painting with acrylic, for Zaldivar, is liberating and his canvasses are the bases from which launches his own personal rebellion against the conventions of visual art. Issues inherent to human beings such as the meaning of life, death, freedom, religion, power, and exile are reflected throughout Zaldivar’s body of work. Additionally, his paintings depict his inner world, character, mood, and philosophy of life drawing from impressionism, abstraction, surrealism, and pop art with the indispensable addition of his own unique characteristics. Zaldivar’s paintings are rife with aspects of nature and the robust infusion of complementary colors, which strive to create harmony and balance within the canvas. Such effervescent colors mixtures of hues serve as a means illuminating the canvas just as the presence of the tropical light in Cuba and the dispersal of autumn colors in the United States imbue whichever landscapes the touch with unparalleled brilliance. 

Solo Exhibitions

2017: “Unknown Landscapes” Transformation Gallery, Metuchen, New Jersey

2013: “The Weight of Silence” Provincial Library Alex Urquiola, Holguin, Cuba

2011: ”Time Change” Gallery Holguin, Holguin, Cuba

2008: “To See or Not to Be” Electa Arenal Gallery, Art Center, Holguin, Cuba

2007: “’Liberty Leading the People” Gallery Professional Academy of Fine Arts Alba, Holguin, Cuba

Collective Exhibitions

2016: New Brunswick Art Salon Fall 2016: Oil Color and Mixed Media; “L’Appel Du Vide” Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, New Jersey

2016: “Liberated Strings” The Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, New Jersey

2016: The Bucks County Plein Air Festival, Pennsylvania

2016: ”Inspirations for the Generations” Concourse Gallery, Perth Amboy, New Jersey

2016: “37th Annual Juried Art Exhibition” Monmouth Museum, New Jersey

2012: ”Fifth Salon of Religious Art” Fausto Christ Gallery, UNEAC, Holguin, Cuba.

2012: “Main Art Salon” Main Hall, Art Center, Holguin, Cuba

2009: ”Second Salon of Religious Art” Main Hall, Art Center, Holguin, Cuba

2008: “Main Art Salon” Main Hall, Art Center, Holguin, Cuba

2008: ”Creation” Cine Marti, Holguin, Cuba

2006: ”Exhibition of Artistic Collaboration with College Bois-de-Bouglogne, Montreal, Canada


2016: “Best Acrylic” in the exhibition “Liberated Strings” by the piece “Voices in the Wind”; The Barron Arts Center, Woodbridge, New Jersey.


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