Ekoh Dubois was born in the U.S, lived 7 years in Africa, 15 years in France, 18 years in Canada, 6 years in Hawaii, and on the U.S. mainland since 2014. He is an artist that draws from his knowledge and connection to folktales, fairytales and symbols. Ekoh’s creative way is holistic; it integrates material from the Performing Arts, Psychology, Martial Arts & Yoga, Science, Spirituality & Metaphysics. 

Ekoh Dubois is a poet and an artist – using their work as a bridge between the thinker and the mystic, his creative process is holistic – integrating aspects from the Performing Arts, Psychology, Martial Arts & Yoga, Science and Metaphysics

Artist Statement 

I’ve found art to be a threshold, where kiss ever so timidly the brightest light cast by mankind and the elusive shadow
of godliness. I know the poet to be a bridge between the thinker and the mystic;
Art, the destructor
and the healer,
Art, the sustainer
and the priceless,
Art, the rebel
and the playful,
Art, the warrior,
and the prayerful,
Art, the twilight of mystery
art the guiding light in the mist,
Art, the longing
and the whisper answer from beyond. 

Artist Website:

Abridged list of Art Exhibits

2017 coming up; solo exhibit at the Alhamra Gallery, Bernardsville, NJ, USA.
2014 Paintings from an ekoh – Carbon County Arts Guild, Red Lodge, MT, USA
2006 Soul Skin’s Art – Caisse Desjardins Bank’s gallery, Montreal, Qc,
2005 Soul Skin’s Masks – CIRQUE du SOLEIL Headquarters, Montreal, Qc.
2004 July: Grand Opening of The House of Soul Skin, Montreal: My own art gallery and studio.
2003 Soul Skin’s second Skin Shed – masks exhibit, Olivier Martin gallery, Montreal, Qc.
2003 Soul Skin’s Masks and Paintings. Villeray-St Michel Cultural center, Qc.
2002 ARTV channel program called TABLO plays a 30 mn interview of my work monthly until 2005, Canada.
2002 Featured artist at the annual Masked Ball for the Quebec Academy of Theatre annual Auction, at the Radio Canada Grand Studio. 12 actors wear my masks for an interactive performance with the 1000 guests, and all listed pieces sold at auction to the benefit of the Academy, Montreal, Qc.
2002 Images and Illusions – ART NEUF center, Montreal, Qc.2002 Soul Skin’s first Skin Shed – masks exhibit, ‘1040’ Gallery, Montreal, Qc.
2001 Recent works – ELGAR Art center, Île des Sœurs, Qc.2000 Love, Hate and other Angels – Contemporary Arts gallery, Montreal, Qc.
1998 Portraits of Memory – Contemporary Arts gallery, Montreal, Qc.1997 So Low – Pavillon des Arts of Ste Adèle, Qc.
1996 The Bod-e-Motions, (Les Motions du Corps) ARTOTHÈQUE of MONTRÉAL; duo with Léa Rivière. Opening event: a dance, music and poetry performance – The Wall, with dancer M.Claude Gervais, ekoh and 12 impromptu characters.
1995 A Space of My Own – H.E.C. Institute gallery, Montreal, Qc.
1994 Solo – Lilo Marti gallery, St Paul de Vence, France. With the artist’s performance Hot Artist – Cold Buffet (Artiste Show, Buffet Froid)1993 Solo – L’Gallery, St Etienne, France.
1993 Art-Creology, duo with German sculptor Hanna Adam and a performance, Systems of Loveby ekoh. Chapelle des Recollets, Apt, France.
1993 The Museum of Clay – In Situ Installation inside Roman ruins, Apt, France, 1993 Guest artist at the Niger Expatriates Reunion – CHÂTEAU de BEZIERS, France.
1992 Primal Traces – Encadrex gallery, Montreal, Qc.
1992 Churchless – Palais des Papes, Jeanne-Mance Space, Avignon, France