The click of a button and the closing of the shutter. These are the distinctive sounds we associate with a camera. But the sound that defines photography for Dimitar Mitev is the lack thereof. Mitev classifies photography as a “silent art form,” where most of the noise takes place in the artist’s head. Perhaps this want to work in silence is what drives Mitev to work at night; while the rest of the world is sleeping, Mitev brings his ideas to life. Although his photos can only capture a moment, they tell the story that was carefully cultured in his mind over a great span of time. Nevertheless, he considers it the highest praise when his audience finds their own story reflected in his work.

Mitev gravitated towards advertisement photography because it allows him to express his personal beliefs through a creative outlet. He strives to produce photographs that are not only provoking, but also memorable and harmonious. In his collection “Food and Wine,” Mitev demonstrates the highest attention to the smallest details. His use of color dictates the mood of each piece, giving an impression of comfort and elegance.

Many of Mitev’s works reflect his love of nature, particularly his fascination with water and movement. The ideas he does not store in his head are housed in his studio, along with assorted knick-knacks and his photography equipment.