David Glasofer has been a photographer for over 30 years and is the proprietor of Image Up Studio and Frey Sen Studio of photography both located in his Main St. Metuchen, NJ facility.


His career began after graduation from Emerson

College in Boston with a degree in Mass

Communications. Photography has always been a serious interest even while working in industrial television in the  Boston area. David had an opportunity to open his own  production business in New York and while that  business was growing he began photographing weddings to help with expenses. Soon he found himself shooting portraits, weddings, and commercial assignments full time. In 1978 he opened Image Up Studio, working out of his home, first in Roselle Park, N.J. then in Woodbridge, NJ in 1981. In 1985 he purchased Frey Sen Studio at its’ current Main St. location.


Today Mr. Glasofer practices mostly commercial photography with specialties in construction, architectural, product photography and business portraiture. However, he never forgot the joy of shooting for himself and has actively maintained a trove of images through the years.


“The development of computer imaging has totally changed the photography landscape.  It has opened areas of creativity never possible before.  To that end, I have been able to creatively express myself and my images in new and  exciting ways. It’s not like you click once and the computer does the rest,” he said. “I work with a stylus and tablet, choosing colors, brushes and textures the same way a traditional artist does.” Once printed, he often adds paint, pencil, or chalk to enhance the final image. Besides his many commissions, his images have been displayed in several venues including Metuchen’s Junebug Artfest and the Metuchen Borough Hall Rotunda Gallery and currently at the Nails in the Wall Gallery at St. Luke’s Church. He has been married to his wife, Mary, for 31 years and has 2 grown daughters, Leah & Ricki.


Artist’s Statement


Having been a professional photographer for over 35 years, I have always looked at how things are lit, the way light falls on a subject and how that subject reflects the light. Through the years I have made many photographs that expresses the feel of the light that is present in the image. However satisfying that may have been, I always had the desire to express those images in a more interesting way.


When digital imaging came along it afforded me the opportunity to bring out more of the image that was either in my minds’ eye or an emotion that simmered below the surface. The “Woman in Red Shoes” is a typical example of how the light can play the key role in the image.


Using the painting capabilities of digital imaging I am able to bring out feelings that a photograph often hides. In “Xiomara Bouquet” the bright and colorful feeling I painted  expresses the happiness and joy of this brides wedding day.


In the “Pineapple Top”, a photograph, I am able to work the colors to create an almost abstract image and yet keep the feel of the original subject.


Simply by removing the reality of a photograph I can move a subject into a different dimension.  And that is what is most exciting.Chevy Blue


David can be reached at his studio at 176 Main St. 732-549-1845.

See more of his work on Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/ddave3d/sets,

click on Photographs and Paintings.