About Colleen Lineberry

Colleen Lineberry’s paintings pay homage to the beauty and awe of the wilderness and landscapes that renew and sustain her. This beauty offers an authentic connection to the earth and helps her to express her emotions and spirit through a medium which she utilizes to allow her viewers to share in her passions. Evoking sensory impressions derived from realms of boundless pristineness such as the Utah Canyons, Grand Tetons, San Juan River, and other bounties of natural wonder found throughout the United States, Lineberry is an illustrator of feelings. She endeavors to paint the sensation of a river trip or the brilliance of a reflection of light on water. She establishes a juxtaposing thin thickness of oil paint combined with cold wax and creates marks with oil bars and graphite. Using these materials, she scratches into the surface of the canvas using increasing amounts of solvent to create complex layers adding rich textures which serve to mirror the unique texture that we all carry within ourselves.