Artist’s Statement:

“As an artist, I try very hard not to follow any specific artist for fear I’ll be influenced by their works. I do the paintings I do because they feel and look right to me. Like everyone else, I’m just looking to create something unique and with my own personal touches. I choose my subjects based purely on reaction, whether it be positive or negative. The subject just has to catch my eye and get me curious enough for me to make a decision to start working on it. I will rarely sketch out my ideas but instead just draw directly on canvas.

Out of all the mediums I use, acrylic is, hands down, favorite. The end results seems more vibrant and easier to manage compared to other tools. Another reason for my preference is its short dry time which is very important because I like to work fast, especially once I get on a good rhythm.

I paint mostly because I enjoy the process of taking my ideas and transferring it to canvas. It is almost like a jigsaw puzzle for me to solve. At times, it is challenging and sometimes, it feels as natural as writing. Painting also allows me to clear my head and stop thinking about everyday things. It affords me get lost in the process. Although, I tend to work on a series of three paintings, there are two main categories that I can split my body of work.

The first category employs all the techniques and skills I have accumulated over the years into my favorite series to work with. The main subject is a combination of some sort between Geisha and Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead Girl) in front of a colorful and serene background which is usually some kind of a Japanese garden. The reason for this odd combination is because I find both of them hauntingly beautiful and I can;t make a decision as to which one is better.

The other series has a much broader variety of subject matter. I consider these paintings practice for my main series. “First Person Perspective Painting” is what I like to call these bodies of work that fall under this category. The main theme here are landscape and still life which are mostly based out of my own daily routines and some from activities and hobbies I like to do. When sorting through photographs to use, my selection process is based purely on feeling. I tend to gravitate towards pictures that have something slightly off about them. With these paintings, I will also hide random Easter eggs to see if the audience can find, or even notice, them. Their locations have nothing of importance, but rather it is something fun for me.”


Chris Siasat