Chelsey Sinclair is a Brooklyn based film and digital artist originally from Los Angeles, California. Her work uses the beauty and fragility of the physical form to convey the shifting moods and emotional states of the human condition, drawing on lighting, mood, and a sense of place to transport and transfix. Sinclair was drawn to art at a very young age, initially beginning with painting and ultimately transitioning into film production and photography.

Starting at the University of Cal State Los Angeles, she pursued degrees in film production, French, and psychology. At age 21, she was accepted into a film program in Paris, France where she finished her film, French, and psychology degrees. Sinclair began photographing her first subjects in late 2015 and very quickly became consumed with the art form, working both behind and in front of the camera—her earliest works being primarily self-portraits.

Since that time she has traveled all over the United States to work and collaborate with artists alike. She is driven by an overwhelming need to create and produce a tangible form of emotion through imagery. A drive that is fueled from the constant pull to “externalize what lives within.”

Phone Number: 626.320.0790