About Charity Henderson

Charity Henderson’s body of work serves to explore the multifaceted psychological states humans experience through impressionistic mixed media paintings depicting the human face. Exhibiting blurred, disjointed edges, and faded areas, Henderson’s portrait-style works challenge the intricacies of emotional suppression, belief, and agency. She opts to illustrate on translucent materials such as mylar, Denril, and Dura-lar, which emphasize the impression of an obscured or hidden sensibility that can be derived from her works. Charity Henderson makes full use of both sides of these surfaces working with charcoal, graphite, or colored pencil on a single side and oil paint on the other. She also purposefully scrapes away and blurs sections of the painted side of each of her faces. By doing this, Henderson layers, dissolves, and distorts her works, a process, which she insists, hints at the complicated psychology of her faces.


2013: GSS Arts Representative Excellence Award; University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

2009: Ambrose L. Corcoran Art Award; The College at Brockport

2008: Katherine Parker Excellence in Art Award; The College at Brockport