Casey Shaw is a recent graduate of Rutgers University, and received a degree in Media Studies and Journalism in 2013. Shaw has displayed his work here at the Alfa Art Gallery in 2013, and is here tonight displaying works in nature that reflect the magnificence and beauty of the world that surrounds us.

Artist’s Statement

With a passion for analog photography, I aim to shoot photographs with surreal qualities using cameras that are normally forgotten or overlooked. 


Rutgers University, B.A. in Journalism/Media Studies, 2013

Casey recently came in third place at the New Brunswick Art Salon 2018 — Photography: “A Facility for Photogenia” awarded by Andrew Darlow.

“Salt Flat Reflection” by Casey Shaw


Curriculum Vitae

January 14

Alfa Art Gallery: New Brunswick, NJ — 3rd Place for Windows – New Brunswick in the Eyes of Photographers

October 13

SAVA Magazine: Philadelphia, PA — Issue #1

February 13

Alfa Art Gallery: New Brunswick, NJ — Rutgers Review Photo Issue Launch Exhibition 

January 13

Alfa Art Gallery: New Brunswick, NJ — New Brunswick Through the Photographers’ Eyes