Artist Statement

I am a self taught artist using pointillism techniques in my paintings. I paint mostly with dots and circles using bright color acrylics and large canvas.

I was originally inspired by the aboriginal paintings and created my style through theirs. I am moved by the primitive nature of this culture, originally using natural tools (bamboo) and colors created from clay.  The artists frequently create their paintings outside sitting upon the ground. They paint mostly to represent their culture with hidden symbols which contain universal meaning.

On its own a dot is a speck which ultimately leads back to itself. But when combined with others it takes form and becomes an integral part of something else. I relate to the dots as to me they represent my approach on life. As in a circle, what we put out eventually comes back to us in some way, good or bad. But alone we can only do so much. Together we can form something much bigger, something beautiful.

Each painting I create is usually completely different from the last. I cannot say that I have a traditional style, aside from the dots.  I approach each painting like I approach other areas in my life: try something new, accomplish (or fail), try something new again. The two things that are consistent in my work are the dots and me.



Creative Process

Bright color acrylics, color shapers, canvas, Idea

My inspiration comes from a desire to create bright colorful scenes that are not unlike a carnival to the eyes. To keep you entertained and interested and to inspire or uplift the spirit. I am most satisfied when a person comments that my painting makes them feel happy.

I try to create a story or capture a moment with a simple design first, and then let the dots flow from there. I plan a theme in advance and let the rest just happen. Once I place a dot, it dictates where the next will go.  It’s an ever changing flow that works to create a specific outcome.

My ideas come to me in the most ordinary scenarios. Something I see while running or driving that inspires me, a photograph, or a glimpse into an interaction. Sometimes it’s a feeling or something that moves me which I want to express, like freedom or connection.

I don’t paint in a studio, but right in the heart of my family life; the kitchen. It’s feels comfortable for me to be around all the warmth and action. I use bright colored acrylics and because most of my paintings are so large, I usually lay canvas flat on the floor or table to achieve the dot texture I desire. 

  1. December 3, 2016

    Carole your art is beautiful! Can I order something with Roses?

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