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Carl Geisler is a highly experienced photographer, as he has been taking pictures since the age of ten. At the age of 13, Geisler was given a Rolleiflex, and soon after, he convinced his parents to set up a darkroom in the basement of their home. In the late 50s, he won prizes in the Kodak National High School Competition, and later went on to attend Bard College and continued his education at Long Island University, working towards a master’s degree in Education. In 2004, Geisler began entering photography contests once again, and became a thriving member of the art community in and about Princeton, NJ.

Carl has won prizes in juried exhibitions including the Franklin Park, N.J., Art Show and the Somerset County Business Partnership’s Photo Contest. His photographs have been accepted for exhibition at the Phillips’ Mill Photographic Exhibition, Grounds For Sculpture, Perkins and The Princeton Arts Council. Carl has judged The District 1 Medallion Awards, The Merrill Lynch Photographic show, Franklin Township Clothes Line Exhibit and The Cranbury Digital Club Competition. He is currently in his 8th year as President of the Princeton Photography Club and is also a member of Gallery 14 in Hopewell, NJ.

Carl Geisler has always been a dedicated photography enthusiast: he received his first camera at the tender age of ten, and at thirteen years old he convinced his parents to let him set up a darkroom in the basement of their home. In the late 1950’s he won prizes in the Kodak National High School Competition and was photo editor of his high school yearbook. Geisler continued photographing extensively as an amateur for many years throughout his life as he received higher education and pursued his career. It was not until his retirement in 2004 that he began to enter contests once again and became involved in the thriving art community in Princeton. Since then, he has judged, exhibited, and won prizes in a wide variety of exhibitions around New Jersey. 

Geisler’s photos featured in this exhibition highlight a love for black and white photography and an interest in abstract architectural forms. The colossal undulating masses displayed in these pictures more closely resemble strange forms of alien life than manmade structures, and the lack of color in the photos creates a striking contrast between the manmade shapes and their environment.

Carl recently placed as an honorable mention at the New Brunswick Art Salon 2018 — Photography: “A Facility for Photogenia” awarded by Andrew Darlow.

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“Lady in the Pond” by Carl Geisler

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