Betty Jacobsen, an artist and educator, trained at NYU and Montclair State University. She teaches advanced art classes at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. Her passions are art and nature, coupled with education, with nature serving as a personal metaphor for the cycles of life. Starting from observations of nature, her work flows from the unconscious; it is quietly intimate in size.

Artist’s Statement

My artwork starts from my observations of nature and poetically celebrates my day-today life. Sometimes the work flows from the unconscious; at other times my interpretation is more literal.  My work is quietly intimate in size.  I am interested in drawing the viewer into my world, as though reading a book, or holding something in one’s hand and examining it closely.  The space between the work and viewer can be a private world. 

For the past ten years I’ve been interested in creating a lot of small works that can stand alone, yet create a larger visual statement when viewed together.  The repetition and relationship among parts is what excites me. Each series takes an idea and explores it through the consistency of size and media.  Humble materials such as paper, watercolor, sewing thread, feathers and pen have worked their way into three-dimensional pieces through folding.  

While walking I often found feathers along my path. In reference to their beauty I created the 100 small paper triptychs shown here to house these treasures using ten families of color.