Fine artist and illustrator Angela Barbalace has studied art at leading institutions, having attended the Philadelphia College of Art’s School of Visual Arts, the Fashion Institute of Technology, The Art Students League of New York, and with the Illustration Department at Syracuse University. Angela has received numerous national and international awards, and is a signature member of state and national watercolor societies.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as in China.  

She is well-versed in a range of styles and media, but her expertise is in design of composition. Her watercolor paintings combine attention to design of shapes and compositions and layer of colors to create softened views of hard cityscapes.  Angela finds inspiration in her surrounds, painting city views in an exciting variety of places. 

Her use of soft muted palettes, soft blending strokes and methods of playing with perspective evoke the sense of looking at a memory. Her paintings have a delicate haze to them. The atmosphere is often mysterious, yet there is a strong narrative that invites the viewer to use their imagination, try to feel the air on the coast of Galway, or the sounds in the Italian café, and the smells of NYC. The artwork in this exhibition allow us to travel with her through NYC, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, and Ireland. 


Artist Statement

“My work is planned as a visual story of a specific subject attained through a series of compositions. Most of my work is accomplished through observation of my subject. Referring back to preliminary studies, I develop my final composition in watercolor, drawing from life and memory.  

My subjects are portrayed through figurative pieces whether they are human or animal. I incorporate the design into my wildlife pieces as you see in my cityscapes. Color and design play an important part throughout my work.