Art Consultations

Alfa Art Gallery offers art consultations. The aim is to educate collectors and visitors about exhibited artwork styles and techniques.

Collectors and visitors can spend time learning about art and individual artists instead of following the latest art trends or styles of the moment.  In Alfa Art Open Studio Gallery, collectors and visitors are able to talk to the artist and art curators, and educate them about exhibiting artists, their art work style, philosophy, and work process. This can help them to purchase wonderful work that they can afford before it becomes artificially inflated.  While purchasing expensive artwork by already established artists is one method of collecting, its certainly not the only and not necessarily the most profitable in the long-term.

Popularity does not insure an artist will go up in value over the years.

Alfa Art Gallery helps collectors and visitors to identify a style of art that expresses their overall image or purpose while also complimenting the existing office/home aesthetic.

For example: If your company is a very forward thinking tech firm housed in a loft space with chrome fixtures and exposed duct work, contemporary, abstract artwork may be the best match for you.  In the reception area of an established law firm decorated with dark woods and conservative lighting, traditional landscapes, portraiture or still life may be better suited for the space.