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April 17th, 2009 - 7-11pm - Zoom: Vesselin Kourtev's Solo Exhibition Opening Reception, 5th Art to Green Exhibition


Exhibition Duration April 17-May 8, 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, April 17 @ 7-11pm
Featuring an introduction by Amb. Nikolay Milkov and Bulgarian Consulate General, NY and Curator Natalie Trainor
LIVE MUSIC: Hey Bulldog, New Brunswick’s rich and harmonious Beatles cover band

Open Studio: Saturday, April 25, @ 7-11pm
LIVE MUSIC: Soft Black of Brooklyn, NY and Walking With Cavemen of Colonia, NJ


A strong colorist with an eye for a well-balanced composition, Bulgarian artist Vesselin Kourtev brings forth a unique style that sets him apart from contemporary American artists. In Alfa Art Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, Zoom: the Solo Exhibition of Vesselin Kourtev will be the works dedicated to the gallery’s fifth Green Wave event. What you’ll find in the exhibition is the artist’s synthesized image of reality. Mixing the Old Masters and avant-garde, Vesselin’s paintings are filled with well-delineated figures, all floating in a sea of color.

The exhibition includes several of Mr. Kourtev’s Art to Green cycles. Each cycle is a visual manifestation of the artist’s relationship to the world and reality. In The Fish Are Praying for Rain, a cycle inspired by humanity’s connection to nature, the viewer finds natural elements within an abstract, color saturated background.

Stylistically, Vesselin separates space in his paintings as two different worlds: the world we find within our minds and the world we see before our eyes. Vesselin’s avant-garde style is a lyrical reflection of the time. His paintings draw the viewer in with a fine invisible string. With his use of color, Vesselin creates a three dimensional window bridging realism and surrealism; for it is easy to get lost in his paintings the way a child gets lost in a dream.

(click here to learn more about Vesselin Kourtev)


Anything you say about art, almost all of it will be true. “It” has always been avant-garde, leading; “It” has been the barometer of inter-personal and social interrelations. It is a synthesized image of reality.

Many people can learn to draw, but few are capable of making art.

Art – It is an elusive thread, connecting the viewer and the work.

Art – It is not only one or the other, the thread, the viewer or the work; it is all that and if one of the ingredients is missing it is hard to talk about “art.”

Art – whatever you want It to be, modern, avant-garde or other, Its one and only mission and purpose is to touch the person, the character and that’s when the circle closes, that’s when it becomes a whole.

As a conclusion, just imagine what the world would be today, if we didn’t have Leonardo’s The Jocund, Goya’s The Nude Maja, Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, Picasso’s Guernica, if we didn’t have Mozart, Paganini, Vivaldi, Strauss and countless other artists and composers.

What would the world be like without Romeo and Juliet, without Shakespeare’s sonnets?

This is the imperishable, the timeless and everlasting. This is “art” with capital letters.

-- Vesselin Kourtev


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