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July 2nd, 2010 - Independence Day Exhibition

Agop Gemdjian
Don Bloom
John Hawaka
Larry McKim
Lidiya Simeonova
Sertan Talip

Exhibition duration: July 2 - July 23, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, July 2 @ 7:00-10:30pm
Curator: Melissa Torro

The Alfa Art Gallery staff, in celebrating its pride in America, presents the Independence Day Exhibition featuring selections from our “melting pot” of artists and their unique styles.  Together, the artwork represents six different patriotic themes: “In God we Trust”, “Pursuit of Happiness”, “The American Dream”, “The Rocket’s Red Glare”, “Land of the Free” and “The Face of America”.  Each section of the exhibition pays homage to the evolution of our country, the struggle and rewards of freedom, and reminds viewers of the vital role art has always played in documenting the evolution of our nation.


About the Exhibition, by Melissa Torro 

As America comes into its 234th year as an independent country, people far and wide look to celebrate with traditional fireworks, barbeques, and time off from work but most importantly remembrance of the people, traditions, sacrifices and rewards we have undergone to achieve a lifestyle.  The paintings to be shown in Alfa Art’s Independence Day Exhibition exemplify the wonderful variety that can be achieved through creative encouragement and infinite acceptance.  America has proven throughout its history that freedom and equality yields the finest results.  Artists of the show include (listed alphabetically):


Six Themes of the Exhibition, by Melissa Torro

“Pursuit of Happiness” reflects a quote from the United States’ Declaration of Independence declaring that each citizen has equal right to educate themselves, to work, to own property and to ultimately mold his or her own destiny.  Through this privilege we adhere to inevitable sacrifices and struggles.  This section of the exhibition features these struggles, reminding viewers of the cost for freedom. 

“The American Dream” depicts what rewards can come out of the struggle.  Treasures wear many uniforms, thus each painting in this section shows a variation of what happiness can look like.  This section is meant to inspire dreamers and motivate viewers, reminding us all that the payoff is why we continue to work so hard.

“In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United States, appearing on our currency and in many legal documents.  The section of the exhibition dedicated to this concept pays tribute to American faith and reminds viewers that without passion or belief in something, we cannot be driven.  Through impossible battles faith has carried us through.  Even faith divided, unites us.

“Rocket’s Red Glare” is a quote pulled from our National Anthem.  The line of the song is referring to a battle victory during the War of 1812.  The light from the battle explosions revealed the American Flag still standing amidst the rubble of war.  In the context of the exhibition, think fireworks.  Think of exploding emotion, gratitude for the way things are and excitement.  Celebrate our independence- our existence.

“Land of the Free” also comes from the National Anthem, but the phrase is used frequently otherwise in reference to the place our people reside.  From Atlantic to Pacific, Americans share the same rights and opportunities.  This section of the exhibition pays tribute to the physicality of our home.  It is reminiscent of the different terrain the country spans.  There is some place for every type of person to be happy and to feel at home.

“The Face of America” relates directly to our home in New Brunswick, NJ and surrounding areas.  We experience our American freedoms in a way that is unique from anywhere else in the country.  It is through this section especially that viewers may identify with the advantages of being an American citizen as we experience in our hometown.

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