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September 18th, 2009 - “αrchive” - Alfa Art Gallery Members Group Exhibition Opening & Catalog Release

Exhibition Duration: September 18 - October 8, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, September 18 @ 7:30-10pm
Music Performances by: Cloudcloud and Midnight Moon Ensemble
Curator: Michiko Mull

In celebration of the release of our catalog, we are pleased to present “αrchive”, an exclusive collection of work from contributing members of the gallery. Showcasing local, national, and international artists, Alfa Art Gallery offers a wide spectrum of intriguing mediums and styles from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. We first opened our doors in January of 2008, and have since received numerous praise and recognition from surrounding media and the city of New Brunswick. In over 50 events, more than 75 artists have showcased their work with Alfa Art gallery. Settled within a diverse and ever-growing community, the gallery has successfully provided an essential locus for interdisciplinary art and art criticism. In this landmark exhibition, Alfa Art Gallery pays tribute to the talented artists and members that have helped expose original, compelling, and multidisciplinary artwork to New Brunswick.

Featured members within the catalog include: Alexis Palmaffy, Anthony Kirov, Andrew Darlow, Christina Entcheva, Don Bloom, Galina Todorova, George Baylov, George Dinev, Iliyan Ivanov, Ivan Bochev, Jill Caporlingua, Joseph Kilrain, John Hawaka, Kaitlin Deering, Koenraad Seghers, Lidia Simeonova, Michael Fenton, Nikolai Djibirov, Ralitza Chohadjieva, Rodney Durso, Robert Aitchison, and Alfa Art Gallery Director Vesselin Kourtev.

Alexis Palmaffy Andrew Darlow Anthony Kirov Christina Entcheva Don Bloom Galina Todorova George Baylov George Dinev
Iliyan Ivanov Ivan Botchev Jill Caporlingua Joey Kilrain John Hawaka Kaitlin Deering Koenraad Seghers Lidia Simeonova
Michael Fenton Nikolai Djibirov Ralitza Chohadjieva Rodney Durso Robert Aitchison Vesselin Kourtev    

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