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January 30th, 2009 - 6-11pm - Alfa Art Gallery’s One Year Anniversary Reception and 3rd “Art to Green” Exhibition Opening

Exhibition curator and an event coordinator: Natalie Trainor
Music by: Olson/De Cari Duo

Alfa Art Gallery is proud to present 3rdArt to Green” exhibition and celebrate one year anniversary. The evening will include a retrospective presentation, an overview of our artists and programs within our interdisciplinary artistic environment.

Featured Artists:


About “Art to Green” exhibition at Alfa Art Gallery
“Bringing art and science together, we can change the way people do things in the world..."

Alfa Art Gallery is proud to announce the opening of the 3rd Art to Green” exhibition dedicated to Global Warming and Climate Change, part of the Green Wave initiatives at Alfa.
Alfa is committed to the idea that one salient image, sculpture or event can speak louder than volumes of scientific data and raise the public awareness about environmental problems, global warming and climate change.

Through art exhibitions, performing events and films, artists and scientists can pioneer an interdisciplinary approach to raising awareness and bringing environmental problems into focus.
The question we would like to discuss is 'how can we make New Brunswick a green city?'. Together we can unpack our intuitive ideas and explore the possibilities of making New Brunswick an environmentally progressive city. This will require forward thinking projects that involve everyone within the community. In order to move forward we should explore new views on relationships and situations; how one can fundamentally change this urban space. We believe that by linking art, community and the environment there are endless possibilities!


Olson/De Cari DuoAbout Olson/De Cari Duo

Olson/De Cari Duo will play Abyss of the Stars: A Mass for Voice and Guitar, written for the Olson/De Cari Duo by Terry Champlin, faculty member at Mannes College of Music and Vassar College.

John Olson is a guitarist, research scientist, and President of the New York City Classical Guitar Society. The passionately eclectic Gioia De Cari is an actress, playwright, classical singer and published ex-mathematician. She began her performance career in avant garde opera while a teaching fellow in mathematical logic at Harvard University. Since then, she has played numerous leading acting roles in theater, commercials and films, including the multi-award winning film Lower East Side Stories, which screened at the MOMA, Slamdance, and many festivals both in the United States and internationally. (click here to learn more about the Olson/De Cari Duo)



6:00pm – 6:30pm Guests arrival
6:30pm – 6:45pm Welcome the honored guests
6:45pm – 7:10pm Retrospective presentation about Alfa by Natalie Trainor
7:10pm – 7:30pm Olson/De Cari Duo will perform in honor of the Alfa Art Gallery One Year Anniversary
7:30pm – 9:30pm Wine and Cheese Reception


The honored guests:

  • City of New Brunswick
  • Bulgarian Consulate General, NY
  • Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources, Rutgers
  • New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Rutgers
  • DEVCO: New Brunswick Development Corporation
  • Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Saint Peter's University Hospital
  • New Brunswick Free Public Library
  • New Brunswick City Market
  • Boraie Development

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